Brustvergrößerung, Brust-OP

*Good morning from a warm and sunny UK

Good morning from a warm and sunny UK!
It is now only 11 days since my surgery and I feel great.

The wound is healing exceptionally well and I am able to run my home and do the cooking. I would like to put on record what a first class experience it was from start to finish. I have been in hospital on numerous occasions and never before found a doctor who was more like a friend, or experienced such kindness and consideration from all members of this wonderfully run clinic. It would give me a lot of pleasure to be able to reassure any new patients who aren‘t decided yet. Myself and my daughters will be returning as the operation is of such a standard I have no fears to get my face done, or my girls to get their breasts done.

Thank you again, S.

* Die Ergebnisse der Operation können bei jedem Patient unterschiedlich sein, das hier präsentierte Ergebnis kann nicht garantiert werden.